Vulnerabilities in the workplace

Crossed Perspectives of Social Sciences in Europe


International Symposium

France - Bordeaux

2021 Jun 24 & 25



Organized by the Centre Emile Durkheim (UMR 5116) and the CEREP (EA 4692)

The international conference "Vulnerabilities at work" is a scientific event open to a large audience which aims to present the work of researchers representing all disciplines in the social sciences: sociology, history, educational sciences, political sciences , economics, law, anthropology, etc. In order to favor the richness of the crossing of glances, the expected works can be located on different scales of analysis (historical, territorial, sectoral, interprofessional, etc.) and mobilize several types of data (quantitative, interviews, archives, etc.)

For more details on the themes tackled during the conference, the call for papers is presented on this page.

The detailed program can be viewed here.